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Tom Moulton ‎– Philly ReGrooved, Harmless

You need a box set the same way you need a third pair of trainers. In other words, you don’t. Buying a box set is mostly an aesthetic choice, doubly so when the music is available for download. Saying that, disco fans are almost certainly going to want Philly Re-Grooved, a box set documenting Tom Moulton’s fantastic take on the classic disco sound. For those unaware, Tom Moulton is OG. He was responsible for the first remix, first continuous-mix album, first 12-inch single and first extended breakbeat. Modern music might well have been a different beast if he wasn’t around. Many of his extended mixes are load-bearing pillars of the disco movement. His take on “Love Is The Message” or People’s Choice’s “Do It Any Way Ya Wanna” are about as good as funky dance music gets. This new compilation is not the career retrospective you might expect, but instead a collection of relatively recent remixes of vintage Philly disco.

At this stage it’s worth diving into some semantics. The Philly disco sound was typified, but not limited to, the output of the Philadelphia International record label. The two threads of the sound are a thumping rhythm section—originally developed by the legendary bass / drum / guitar section of MFSB—and melodically beautiful and lyrically poignant songwriting. The best of these were penned and produced by revered soul artists such as Gambel & Huff or Dexter Wansel. Often Philly disco could communicate either the desperation of heartbreak or the optimism of the aspirational black American. The remixes here offer plenty of both, often extending fairly short soul records, many of which never had a 12-inch mix, into epically lush suites.

There’s too much music here to detail every track, but highlights include First Choice’s “Armed And Extremely Dangerous,” The Spinners’ “Could It Be I’m Falling In Love” and William DeVaughn’s “Be Thankful For What You’ve Got.” These will be well known to most soul heads, and they’re presented here in brilliantly extended glory. More times than not, Moulton manages to ride the tricky balancing act of extending the instrumental parts without loosing the essence of the songs. Perhaps that’s something that speaks to his almost unmatched experience dealing with this kind of music.

Arguably the best moments are the less familiar ones. Betty Swan’s “When The Game Is Played On You” might have some of the most cutting lyrics in any break-up record: “It feels good to say I told you so / those tears sure look good on you.” First Choice’s “One Step Away” brilliantly captures an emotionally precarious lover and her last plea to her former squeeze. Both would be depressing if they weren’t backed with such beautifully soaring music. Marc Evans’ “The Way You Love Me” is another stand out: a modern house track that was transported back in time with an amazing retro rework, first by Dimitri From Paris and Vince Montana Jr., later by Mr. Moulton. For my money it’s as good as a remix gets. Tom Moulton is a living legend and, although at times here the standard does dip, at their best these remixes are some of the finest disco reworks ever committed to wax.

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Louie Vega – Starring…XXVIII

Since its release last year, the grammy nominated album Louie Vega Starring…XXVIII has reached unfathomable heights, after 8 single vinyl releases and two full triple set album releases, we still have one more up our sleeve. Today, here we are in the third and final installment of the Louie Vega Starring…XXVIII vinyl album release series, this time taking it to another level with unreleased and lost mixes. When making an album there are usually way more than the number of songs allocated for the project. In this case there were over 50 songs and tracks created for the Louie Vega Starring…XXVIII album. Vega has selected 14 unreleased and lost tracks from the recordings and put together dj friendly versions with these super talented artists involved: Funkadelic, Nick Monaco & Soul Clap, Kenny Bobien, Cindy Mizelle, Maphorisa, Berita, Wanda Baloyi & Kabomo (South African top talent), Roberto Roena (of the Fania All Stars), Brutha Basil, Jesse Jackson (blues rock artist), Sara Devine, Luis Salinas (Argentinean guitarist), Duane Harden (song/hitmaker), & 3 Winans Brothers featuring the Clark Sisters. The packaging is lovely with an open gatefold huge picture of a mural painted by none other than Richard Wilson UK artist. Mastering by the great Walter Coelho, for sonic perfection & pressing manufactured by optimal in Germany.

Louie vega – Starring xxviii, Vega Records

Louie Vega’s latest album, Louie Vega Starring… is a dualdisc conceptual record featuring over twenty-five artists on twenty-eight different songs. The record is Louie Vega’s first solo album ever and a contender for his magnum opus. Vega is in esteemed company, with a seasoned group of collaborators imparting their magic for this special project including; Funkadelic & George Clinton; The 3 Winans Brothers and The Clark Sisters; Jocelyn Brown; Nick Monaco & Soul Clap; N’Dea Davenport; Lisa Fischer; Cindy Mizelle; Anane Vega; Monique Bingham; Caron Wheeler (Soul II Soul); Josh Milan; Bucie; Tony Momrelle; Kaylow; Vikter Duplaix; Cassio Ware; Adeva, Covertion & Leroy Burgess; Kenny Bobienl; Zara McFarlane; Luis Salinas; Roberto Roena; Diviniti; and Byron Stingily.

Each song is uniquely crafted to represent a different emotion, energy or experience. Their melange with Louie Vega’s timeless music production is the album’s true treat, “Today’s listener wants to feel good and that’s exactly what our songs and tracks do. We celebrate the gift of love, art and music,” adds Vega. Followers of his illustrious career will find the album unveils a completely new side of the legendary artist; that of a sound chemist. Louie explains, “My inspirations came from various visits around the world and experiences in life. As far as the album’s sounds, I revisited lots of R&B, soul, gospel, nu jazz, even some disco, all within the backdrop of house music, took it back to the artist and song tailoring” .

V/A – Disco Love 4, BBE

Scotland’s foremost (possibly only) disco obsessive returns with a fourth volume in the critically acclaimed Disco Love series. Previous volumes had critics saying things like “Some of it is risqué, cheesy and (may I say) sexy. Great stuff for us disco-geeks” and “A real gem for the disco connoisseurs” and “This will enhance any deep disco collection” and “the ever-reliable Glaswegian crate digger unearths even more dusty gems” and “Just when you think that Al Kent guy is not going to get you again, he assembles a third Disco Love that is more stimulating than the first two volumes” and, less excitingly, “The mastering and sound quality is great”.

So, just when you think that Al Kent guy isn’t going to get you again, here he is – with fifteen more obscure disco tracks (or at the very least soul records you could dance to), most of which were pressed in limited quantities before sinking without trace.

Joe Claussell Presents – Music A Reason To Celebrate, Spiritual Life Music

Many in the world take music as a source of amusement, a pastime; to many music is an art, and a musician an entertainer. Yet no one has lived in this world, has thought and felt, who has not considered music as the most sacred art of all arts. For that fact is that, what the art of painting cannot clearly suggest, poetry explains in words, but that, which even a poet finds difficult to express in poetry, is expressed in music. By this I do not only say that music is superior to painting and poetry: in fact music excels religion, for music raises the soul of man even higher than the so-called external form of religion. But it must not be understood that music can take the place of religion, for every soul is not necessarily tuned to that pitch where music can really benefit from music, nor is every music so high that it will exalt a person who hears it more than religion will do. However, for those who follow the path of inner cult, music is most essential for their spiritual development. The reason is that the soul who is seeking for truth is in search of the formless god.”
Hazrat Inayat Khan.

“As our beautiful earth rotates to the beat produced by rhythm, energy is constantly evolving. It is from this energy that the universe was created. Then came woman and man.
I truly believe in the healing powers that transcends from sound through music, and that with it we can conquer the evil that is among us. But, music cannot do this alone, it is together with love that we can truly achieve our goals for love, peace, and harmony. So in the end it is up to us. Let’s love one another…for real.” Joaquin ‘Joe’ Clussell. Spiritual Life & Sacred Rhythm Music.

Louie Vega Elements Of Life ‎– Eclipse, Fania

Fania proudly presents the latest release from Grammy winning DJ/Producer Louie Vega and his group Elements of Life. The album transcends genres featuring Louie’s soulful touch on Dance, Latin, African and Brazilian tracks ELO Soulfrito Includes: The Movement / Swingback / Pay Homage / Going Home / Mambo Mango / Usted Abuso / Pirana / Music Is Life / El Cantante / Pedro Navaja / Anacaona / Descarga Fania All Stars

Karizma – Wall of Sound, R2

Since his last studio album in 2009 Baltimore native DJ Karizma has been constantly touring the globe bringing his inimitable DJ sets to the people of Earth. Karizma has once again pushed himself beyond the limits of his previous work, evolving his trademark club bangers and down-tempo beats as well as adding a variety of new and sometimes impossible to categorise music to his armoury, emotional content being the unifying factor. Karizma has also called on some of dance music heavyweights to collaborate on the album including the mighty Osunlade (Yoruba Records), Rokaz (Neil Pierce & Ziggy Funk), and rising UK talent Sean McCabe.

Milton Hamilton Crystalized – Disco Madness, Island

Released on tiny NYC label Disko-Mania, this exquisitely-crafted slice of jazz-funk infused disco heaven from elusive music teacher-turned-pianist Mr Hamilton is sheer perfection from start to finish successfully incorporating a number of styles from lush soulful ballads such as ‘I Really Got A Thing For You’ and ‘Our Love, through the hi-octane funk of Mahogany to cool syncopated jazz-funk bubblers like ‘Crystalized’ and ‘So Beautiful’ and the afro-funk styled cover ‘Poinciana’ with its dazzling interplay of jazzy organ and guitar.

As you would expect from an LP engineered by revered disco supremo Bob Blank, the album spawned a number of club hits including the classic ‘Love Supreme’, a lilting sweeping disco extravaganza of intricate keys, grooving percussion and punchy brass gilded with the classiest of vocals which rocked the whole of New York from Studio 54 to the Funhouse and of course the underground masterpiece ‘We Have All The Time’, a big play for discerning Disco DJs such as Dimitri From Paris and Danny Krivit with its superb breezy feel and sweetest of vocals.

John Morales – the M&M Mixes vol. 3, BBE

This compilation is John Morales’ third for BBE. Few can match his contributions to the world of Dance Music be it soul, funk, disco, to today’s house music. John Morales is considered one of the true legends of the mix. And his work some thirty years later continues to be cutting edge and inspiring. His epic mix of Universal Robot Bands boogie anthem “Barely Breakin Even” is the source from which BBE Records got its name.

This third release on BBE continues that history lesson that John has forged in dance music. He
formed The M&M Mix with his late partner Sergio Munzibai, in 1982 till 1990 whose output of over 650 mixes will be unmatched today.

Spiritual Jazz – Vol. 2, Jazzman

As the ‘60s progressed, cultural and political revolutions occurred both in the US and in Europe. Jazz was both a victim and a saviour, with radical developments in the music occurring in both continents. In the US, artists took control of their own musical destiny as small labels broke away from the mainstream, expressing new and creative visions of freedom and peace against a backdrop of civil unrest, repression and war. Be sure to check the first volume of this series, Spiritual Jazz (JMAN 20). In ‘60s Europe the jazz community forged ahead with a different revolution; that of breaking away from mere emulation of their American counterparts. A distinctive, European jazz sound began to develop that combined traditional music from across Europe and around the world with the creative freedom so abundant in American jazz. Over time the most forward-thinking creative talents of the post-Coltrane European jazz generation crafted and nurtured sophisticated and multi-faceted styles of jazz that were as radical as they were beautiful, giving modern jazz a characteristically European flavour.
A heady mix indeed; stirring jazz overtures with orchestra and choir, festival performances recorded live from the grassy heartlands of central Europe, modal montages inspired by pilgrimages to Asia and Africa, experiments in rhythm and sound where modern jazz meets traditional Balkan and Flamenco folk music. This is Spiritual Jazz – European style.

Dedicated to Michael Garrick, who died shortly before its release. His contribution to UK jazz was profound, and we’re proud to include one of his previously-unreleased tracks.

·All tracks fully licensed and digitally restored from the original master tapes

·Comprehensive liner notes with individual notes on each track with original stories direct from the musicians and artists

·Most tracks never before reissued – previously only available on rare LP’s that change hands for hundreds of dollars.

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