Legends that love Lovefest

There is some secret link between the DJs and the places where they play music, and often, because of the specific location or mass that completely unravel on someone’s set, performers like to return to the places they have a special connection with the audience. For many of the world’s stars, one of them is Lovefest and Vrnjacka Banja, a festival in Europe, according to which many were skeptical, and then fell in love with the first song, in the mass, location and magical morning in the park. Sven Vath – after the debut at the Lovefest counter, you immediately asked when he was back in Banja Luka The father of the electronic music scene, “Papa Sven”, will again set fire to the magnificent Fire bin. DJ and live legend, all these years famous for their unique music approach and sets that always surprise. The owner of your cult clubs, Omen and Cocoon, who have become synonymous with underground sound. Every released board in his set as a real relic responds to club history that Sven precious keeps in himself. What he always notes is that his heart will always belong to the audience! After her performance in 2016, after the main stage of the biggest festival of love, Sven Vath, with the hearts of her faithful devotees, has set fire to her own, for which she immensely confirms the great pleasure of returning to this year’s Lovefest edition.
Loco Dice – for this year’s edition of Heineken Lovefest, he saved a special surprise

The always exciting Loco Dice definitely belongs to the most interesting artists, for which he has a veritable clubbing choir along with him. It superimposes its dynamic dynamics with innovative di-js set that distinguishes it from the beginning. He is the owner of the prestigious publishing house “Desolat”, whose releases are an indispensable part of the keysels of all the world’s greatest names. The last two appearances of this master of art have left behind a myriad of positive comments from the audience and nothing more than a positive impetus for this now favorite artist. In order to fulfill the desires of all, Loco Dice you are again among the headliners of Twelve Heineken Lovefest releases with, as he says, a prepared surprise.
Pan-Pot – Millionaire of Serbian clubbers who will round this summer tour after Lovefest

A well-known DJ, who has been at the very top of the pyramids for years, is returning to the most spectacular stage in the country. As the music trends change, this techno couple has remained faithful to their sound and the only guides are their emotions and the return energy from densflora. We must not miss the fact that many women’s hearts do not remain indifferent during the performance of this rather challenging and, as they say, the burning of the divine DJs. After two years and a set that is always recounted, we will again listen to them as one of the biggest names of the Fire bine and, on the occasion of the Pan-pot, tells their faithful devotees to expect them

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