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Cevin FisherBorn in East Orange, New Jersey, Cevin Fisher has risen to become one of the World’s most respected & prolific master house producers and DJ’s who really broke-out on a global level in the mid-to-late 1990’s. Indeed there are very few major stars of the decks today who wouldn’t namecheck him as a seminal influence on their own work, and he has rightfully taken his place amongst the elite of A-list international talent that continues to dominate & guide global dance culture & taste. While still in his teens a growing passion for club music propelled Cevin into the heady circles that were living & breathing Prelude & West-End, garnering early support from Tony Humphries, legendary Godfather of the Jersey garage scene and its epicentre, Club Zanzibar. Around the same time Cevin DJ’d at major all-night parties hosted by diva-of-the-moment Whitney Houston whenever he got the opportunity: “When I lived in Jersey, Whitney had these HUGE parties”, remembers Cevin. “It was my first real experience of partying through to the next day – you know, with everyone still dancing as the sun comes up! It was pretty wild!!!”┬á He picked up more gigs at loft parties and college one-offs before finally getting his first regular break as a warm-up for Zanzibar resident Larry Paterson on Friday nights.

After that, there was only really one place he could head for… NEW YORK CITY! He soon fell into production work for Timmy Regisford of Motown Records alongside future electro-Don & mainstream producer Arthur Baker at Shakedown Studios, where he delivered remixes for Chaka Khan’s “Love You All My Lifetime” and Quincy Jones’ “I’ll Be Good To You”, both of which subsequently went to number one on the US Billboard Dance Chart. In a very short period during the early 1990’s Cevin’s distinct style scored recognition frequently in his home country, earning him a consistent reputation as a pioneer and innovator in the evolution of House music itself. His progressive sound & innovative approach broke new ground within the industry, giving-up classic anthems like “Hands On Love” and “House Is A Feeling,” both penned for New York independent label Hardtrax. After these early successes Danny Tenaglia encouraged Cevin to pursue a recording career full-time, and he committed himself in earnest to production in the mid-’90s. Singles such as “The Way We Used To” and “Shine the Light” followed, earning him significant international clubplay, although it was 2000’s “The Freaks Come Out” on the UK’s Subversive label that pushed him into the mainstream house stratosphere. Eventually licensed to at least five international labels, this single alone secured his reputation as one who had truly arrived, and in such deeply soulful style, with a focus always on strong & engaging vocal lines on his cuts. But the way that ‘Freaks’ really made its mark on the dance music industry is a story which has now transcended into cult legend…

The tales of WMC 2000 and Danny Tenaglia’s Twisted America set at Groovejet are now beyond legendary – for those of us who were there those times came to define more than just a scene – we were gifted a unique shared moment of intense collective unity and oneness within a generation. That night on South Beach all those assembled freaks really DID come out to play. Danny spun ├»Freakso four times in his set, each time things becoming just that little bit crazier for the loved-up crowd – eyes met – smiles broadened – heads nodded and hot bodies grooved in time harder and faster and… at that moment EVERYONE new that they were witnessing something totally unique and way past the ordinary. AND WE LOVED IT!
Subversive had prepared and licensed ‘You Got Me Burning Up!’ out to Tommy Boy in New York and Ministry in London only 12 months before ‘Freaks’. ‘Burning Up!’ had charted at No 2 in US Billboard Dance Chart, cementing Cevinos status at home and abroad and making him the focus of the burgeoning international party scene that rose-up at Groovejet – ‘Freaks’ then rocketed to the top spot on the US Billboard Club Chart shortly thereafter in 2000 and into the UK Top 20.

The rest, as they say, is history…

His time as an international DJ has infused Fisher with a dance sensibility like no other – he thrives on that instant-feedback buzz only a hot club can provide, always reflecting an inherent enthusiasm for fresh live sounds into his mixes, records & sets. Each song practically leaps from the turntable in an explosion of blips, beats, big vocals, deep house and well-timed prog rhythms. After all that has been said of the man here, Cevin is still considered somewhat of an ‘underground’ artist – faithfully true to his roots yet ALWAYS with an eye on the horizon. His track ‘Music Saved My Life’ perhaps sums him up best – his fans clearly love him for that kind of dedication & passion. A groundbreaker who’s true to his cause – and a cult legend.

In 2008 Cevin sees the revisit to his classic ‘You Got Me Burning Up!’ realised by a whole new generation of current and future dance megastars. A double-A remix testimonial to one of his biggest records is brought-home in two chapters by Raul Rincon, Prok & Fitch, Tim Davison, DJ Chus, Dean Coleman, Nyan Narine, Rubberman and Scott Lummes – the first pack out in July, the second in September. His follow-up, titled ‘The Cream Always Rises’ – sure to cause a storm in November – has welcomed none other than Nick Bridges (Bodyrox) and Kid Massive aboard the King of Progressive Soul’s train on the mixes this time ’round.

With a profile showcase at Amsterdam Dance Event in October, a 16-date European tour and an 8-date UK & Ireland leg on the cards, Cevin is back – and ready to take his journey on up to an entirely new level of international touring. Spring 2009 also sees him circuiting the Pacific, taking-in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, China & Japan before hitting us all up again with a new slice of progressive perfection in April/May. Cevin Fisher is currently holding residencies at Pacha NYC and Circa Toronto.


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