Glenn Underground

Glenn UndergroundGlenn Underground comes from a family of musicians dating all the way back into the early 1970’s, from his stepfather to his cousin, to his uncle’s so his musical knowledge exceeds him. Since 1984 G.U. has been playing & supporting house music in Chicago & has been producing his own brand of House(& Dance music) since about 86-87 until now and so on. Glenn has moved the world with some of deepest house grooves. From his thoughts to sound to the people who not only dance to it, but also listen & pay attention to it. In his world travels G.U. has rocked his sound in the U.S./Europe/Japan/Canada clubs include: Sanky’s Soap,Manchester-The Hub Club,Bristol, and in Ireland a club he likes to call the Cork,-Gas Works,Hamberg,Germany-The Big Bop,Toronto-Space Lab Yellow,Tokyo-Club Joule,Osaka and a host of other clubs all over Japan. Oh yeah cant’ forget Embryus in Toronto,etc. In his U.S. travels from Chicago & so on clubs include: Smart Bar,Chicago-The Infamous Warehouse,Chicago-Red No.5.Chicago-Karma,Chicago along with Leroy Burgess & Patrick Adams-The Origianl Shelter,Chicago,and a host of other clubs in Chicago. G.U. has moved a host of clubs in New York City,New Jersy, as well as Detroit, Dallas, and L.A. This is a brief history of Glenn Crocker aka Glenn Underground. And Also rock the hell out of Summer Dance in Down Town Chicago 2005, An event the City Of Chicago requested his performance, for the greater of House Music.



Glenn Underground – Sakura, Loftsoul Recordings

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