He3 Project – Chapter two, Family Groove

Chapter Two continues the music of Herman Eberitzsch’s unreleased recordings during the 1974-1979 period. The Bay Area vibe is pronounced here with a sensual and aggressive Funk, Latin Groove & Modern Soul sound. Errol Knowles’ Courtial, Sly Stone, Cold Blood and Tower Of Power influences can be heard throughout these recordings. In moments it is Soul and Funk in its purest form, all formulas are thrown away replaced with a unique adventure in sound and lyrics. Songs feature Sly Stone’s Bassist Bobby Vega (High On You) and Linda Tillery (Loading Zone) on vocals.

The front cover is designed by acclaimed Psychedelic Poster/Album Cover artist John Van Hamerseveld (The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Blue Cheer, Jefferson Airplaine, Jimmy McGriff, Grant Green, etc..)
The LP has a metallic silver die-cut foil highlighting the detail in color and design that John has graced the cover with.

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