Guest Dj’s

B-Art, Jezz, David Labeij, Cassie 6, Angela Brown, Esther, Kevin Broke, Enthousiaste Gasten,  Dulce, Marcella, Quntin de Rozario, Kenny Carpenter, Ricardo Torres, Barn, Mad´R, Stefan Thomas, Storm, Marc Thomassen, Dame, Miss Monica, Phil Horneman, Trish van Eynde, Dimitri, Olaf Boswijk, Timst´R, Eddy de Clercq, Sandeep, Mr Jay, Patrique, Thinq, Popta, Chocolate Browm, Luc Macheen, Kraze, Derrick May, Ralf, Paul Hazendonk, Tim Nieburg, Miss Melera, Guan, Mr. Minoz,Aron Friedman, Elle Bree, Wicked, Joyce Mercedes,Carlos Valdes, DJ Cellie, Dorine Dorado, Edo Salgado, Francesco Pico, Marnix, M-Cecile, Celeste, Melon, Nuno dos Santos, ONNO, Parker Jones, Enrico Riva, Dimitri Kneppers, Roell Sapphire, San Proper, Ricky Rivaro, Ginger

Co host:

DJ Dame’s love for electronic music started in 1995, with her own show at an underground radio station. She discovered that her attention could not be captured by one genre alone. And then started to experiment with many kinds of music and sounds. Nowadays her sets flow across electro, steamy house beats, minimal techno and electronix. Combining quick mixing skills and an impeccable music selection. Dame has played both big rooms and martini bars with equal success. As a DJ, Dame is adept in the late night hours, finding the balance between heavy floor tracks and elegant crowdpleasers.
This charming “killer-behind-the-decks”  lady carries her records worldwide, during her career Dame played at a wide selection of international gigs in the USA, the UK, Ireland, Egypt, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Brazil and South Africa and festivals like Detroit’s Electronic Music Festival.

Also she performed at national festivals like,  Dance Valley, Impulz Outdoor, Extrema Outdoor, Mysteryland, and Sound/Vision’s mainstage. In 2003 and 2004 Dame had a residency at the highly acclaimed Club Las Palmas in Rotterdam where she was hosting a monthly night with international legends.

Dj Jezz
Back in 1998, Jezz (1978) a.k.a. Jessica got in touch with DJ-ing for the first time. A DJ friend gave her some lessons, just for fun. As her passion for music grew as time went by, she kicked off her DJ career in 2002, and started buying her first records. Though she didnt have any experience, she was asked to start DJ-ing in a club called DMW (Utrecht): every weekend eight hours of spinning. Jezz soon developed her own mixing skills and was asked to play in some other clubs. Together with co-DJ Lin, as a duo known as Jezz-Y-Lin, they made it to the finals of a talent scouting from Heineken and UDC, and made it to the second place. Because of that competition they were booked for one of the greatest dance festivals in Holland: Dance Valley.

The summer of 2003 was a good and busy summer for Jezz. She was booked for popular beach parties and also for another big festival in Holland called Misteryland (ID&T). In September Jezz-Y-Lin were announced Rookies of the Month in the magazine Basic Groove. Jezz´s music style is very divers: from deep house, US Garage to Latin beats. Groovy, funky, sexy and uplifting beats.

Besides DJ-ing she also organises her own parties in the Ministry in Amsterdam, called Womans World, a concept consists of female DJ´s, staff, promoters.