Nick Solé

Nick SoléBehind the synonym Nick Solé is Karsten Kaufmann, -Born in february 1969 in the former east germany -playing with 6 years football -its roots are breakdance with 12 years -since this time the interest came to the music -Electro , Funk , Disco , Oldschool Hiphop….. -mixed music with cartridge-covers for the Dance Performance -with 18 years fled in the west-germany -since this time workin as deejay namelessly -first contact with house music(Arnold Jarves – take some time out , Frankie Knuckles – the whistle song , Adonis – no way back) -1994 come back to home -since 1995 born the name NICK and later came SOLÉ -His favourite styles are Deep House, Downtempo, Nu-Jazz, Disco , Electro and Soul. -He is also the founder in 1995 of the mbeat recordstore in Potsdam, Germany. -After 10 years mbeat recordstore , it´s time for a new way…Since march 2006 the Recordstore is closed.The lease was not extended……….. -Well…the business continues to go down with Stevan G. , and i make my music….. ……….I am not a professional musician…i learn all byself in my live……….



Nick Solé – Never, Dpress

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