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Episode10 Soul

1. Mayer Hawthorne – I Need You, Stones Throw
2. HE3 Project – Just Like Magic, Family Groove
3. the Stars Beams – Disco Tromp, Trans Air
4. Herbie Hancock – Virtual Hornets, Columbia
5. Leroy Hutson – Feel the Spirit, Eastend
6. Curtis Mayfield – Move on Up, Buddah
7. Chico Hamilton – Homeward, Columbia
8. James Brown – Why I Treated So Bad, Polydor
9. Fred Wesley and the J.B.´S – Damn Right I´m Somebody, People
10. Johnny Hammond – Los Conquistadores Chocolates, Eastend
11. the Isley Brothers – Cold Bologna, TNeck
12. the Kay Gee´s – Wondering, Gang Records

Episode09 Soul

1. Marvin Gaye – I Want You, Tamla
2. Fred Wesley and the Horny Horns – Up For The Down Stroke, Atlantic
3. James Brown – Any Day Now, King Records
4. Curtis Mayfield – Kung Fu, Curtom Records
5. Stevie Wonder – Golden Lady, Tamla
6. the JB´S – More Peas, People
7. Atmosfear – Dancing in Outer Space, Wolf Music
8. José James – Blackmagic ep – Blackmagic, Brownswood
9. Mayer Hawthorne – When I Said Goodbye, Stones Throw
10. Quincy Jones – They Call Me Mister Tibbs, Soul Jazz
11. the Isley Brothers – Midnight Sky part 1 and 2, CBS
12. LTJ – Untitled, Super Value 09

Curtis Mayfield

Curtis MayfieldCurtis Mayfield was born on the 3’rd of june 1942 in Chicago, Illinois, where he quickly absorbed the music of that area, which consisted of the local blues, gospel and soul musicians. He was leading his first group, The Alfatones , before he was a teenager. When the Mayfield family moved to Chicago’s north side in 1956, Curtis found himself a new friend in Jerry Butler. Butler wanted Curtis to join him in a group called The Roosters , which consisted of Arthur and Richard Brooks, and Sam Gooden. The quintet later changed their name to The Impressions , and they had their first hit in 1958, “For your precious love” . In 1961, Mayfield had moved to New York, the group cutted “Gypsy woman” which re-established the group, after some years of hard feelings between the members and the record company. Mayfield was now the groups lead singer, utilising his unique vocal style on several Impressions singles.

A steady string of soul anthems followed, “I’m so proud”, “Keep on Pushing”, “People get ready”, “We’re a winner”, “Mighty, mighty”. The group had a strong gospel flavour in their sound, although it was’nt purely gospel. As Mayfield puts it, “They were church songs, the difference was i left the word God out.”

In 1970 Mayfield left The Impressions for his solo career. His first album, “Curtis” contained the classic “Move on up” which was his only UK hit. “Curtis Live!” followed, which contained some material from The Impressions period. It was recorded at New York’s Bitter End, and later the same year “Roots” followed. His early records are my favourite ones, especially “Curtis Live!” which is a wonderful record with lots of warm soul songs, and funky percussion by ‘master’ Henry Gibson .

In 1972, Curtis released the soundtrack album “Superfly” which went to sell over a million copies, and it was a really good album in its own right. It recieved four Grammy awards. By now Mayfield continued to record new albums, at the same time as he was producing with Gladys Knight & The Pips, Aretha Franklin and The Staple Singers .

Curtis also appeared on the big screen when he had a role in the movie “Short eyes” , in which he also wrote the soundtrack for.

In the 80’ies Curtis toured the whole world, and he was’nt releasing much new material. In 1989 he contributed to the soundtrack of the movie “I’m gonna git you Sucka”, and the following year he made some tunes for the movie “The Return of Superfly” .

1990 was a truly bad year for Mayfield. While he performed at an outdoor concert in Brooklyn, a lighting rig fell down on him, which caused such severe damage to his spine, leaving him a Quadriplegic. Since then he has kept a low profile. However, in 1996 he released a new album, on which he is only singin, since he couldn’t play guitar anymore.

Curtis Mayfield passed away the 26:th December 1999.



Curtis Mayfield – Don´t Worry, Buddah

Curtis Mayfield – Kung Fu, Curtom Records

Curtis Mayfield – Move on Up, Buddah

Episode01 Soul

1. the Isley Brothers – Fight the Power (part 1 & 2), Tneck
2. Marvin Gaye – A Funky Space Reincarnation, Motown
3. Stevie Wonder – I wish, Motown
4. the Fatback Band – Soul Man, Perception
5. Edwin Starr – Easin´In, Harmless
6. the O´Jays – The Year 2000, CBS
7. Otis Redding – Guilty of being poor, Europa
8. Eddie Vinson – Hold it, Capitol
9. Marvin Gaye – Inner City Blues, Stereo
10. Curtis Mayfield – Don´t Worry, Buddah
11. Cannonnball Adderley (Soul of the Bible), Fun in the Church, Capitol
12. the Isley Brothers, Brother Brother, Tneck

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