David Morales

David MoralesAs a DJ, remixer, producer and co-owner of Def Mix Productions (one of the world’s most successful dance music production companies) David Morales has made a mark all his own. David hails from the streets of Brooklyn which influences his unique style behind the DJ booth as well as in the studio, a style that brings guts and accessibility to music. David Morales, aka ‘The Face’ will be re-releasing his massive hit single ‘Needin’ You’ on Manifesto in January next year. The track has been given a vocal treatmet by Juliet Roberts. ‘Needin’ You’ reached No.8 in the UK charts when it was released originally on Manifesto last year.

In 1989, David was employed as a DJ at a new club named “Red Zone” which along with his first trip to Britain caused his studio mixes to become a fusion of the UK sound with his own street sound. Those mixes were called “Red Zone mixes” and led Morales to become a legend in the underground.In 1991, Morales produced his own record David Morales And The Bad Yard Club “The Program” which was released on Mercury Records in 1993. As a follow up to the success of the album, David has worked on a new Bad Yard Club song called “Wind Up Your Body” which is soon to be released on Mercury Records.

David has been a guest DJ on MTV’s “The Grind” and has programmed and mixed music for the show as well. He continues to spin records at major clubs around the world as well as mixing his own Saturday night program, called “Morales At Midnight”, on New York’s #1 Dance Radio station WKTU. His production skills have kept him in great demand with top recording artists such as Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, Seal, Janet Jackson, Tina Turner, Jamiroquai, Luther Vandross, Whitney Houston, Spice Girls and Toni Braxton to name just a few. David was nominated in 1996 for a Grammy Award for producing Mariah Carey’s “Fantasy”. In 1997 he produced two tracks, “Honey” and “Butterfly” for the recently released Mariah Carey album and is has also remixed “The Roof” and “My All”.