Dj Deep

Dj DeepDj Deep Known as one of the most revered members of the French house scene, DJ Deep has made it his duty to share deep house beats with a growing global audience! As a member of the Respect roster of artists, his Respect is Burning parties and CD series has kept listeners on the pulse of the hot French house scene! DJ Deep started djing about 15 years ago. At the time House music was definitely an underground movement and the French scene was just starting to develop.
Laurent Garnier gave DJ Deep his “first chance” to DJ, first at club Boy in Paris for the Oz parties, then at club Le Palace for the Zoo parties. At the same time, DJ Deep started to host his radio show on radio FG 98.2, everyday from noon to 2 PM. A year after he invited his dj friends, DJ Gregory and DJ Alex from Tokyo to join him and the show was then named “A Deep Groove” where you could hear everything from Mos Def to Jeff Mills, with a true passion for real deep underground House music.

As DJ Deep became a key figure of the Parisian scene he put together “What’s Up Mix It” with friends from the label What’s up, this compilation featured for the first time together artists such as Dimitri from Paris, DJ Cam, Saint Germain, Gilb’r, and a track of his own “Sweet Summer Vibe”.

In 1995 the famous “Wake up” parties were launched by the French Legend Laurent Garnier at the Rex Club featuring prestigious guests such as Lil’ Louis, Derrick May, DJ Pierre, Ron Trent, Chez Damier, etc. DJ Deep was the resident “warm up” Dj.

Soon after DJ Deep moved from radio FG to Radio Nova, for his Saturday night shows (this adventure on Nova lasted for about 5 years!)

In 1997 “the fire” and “the earth” EP’s came out on French label Basenotic under the moniker The Deep, those 12″ were produced by Julien Jabre and DJ Deep receiving great support from the likes of Louie Vega and Joe Claussell…

1997 saw the kick of the “Legends” parties at the Rex Club, promoted by DJ Deep with guests like Frankie Feliciano, Joe Claussell, Kerri Chandler, Tommy Musto, JoVonn, Michael Watford, Nick Jones. At the same time DJ Deep was busy travelling around the globe to keep spreading “deep and soulful House music true to the roots”!!!

Distance music released his first mix cd in 1999 “French sessions”, featuring tracks by Kerri Chandler, Blaze, Ron Trent, Ten City, Joe Claussell, etc. Joining forces with the Respect is Burning team in 2001, the mix CD “Respect to Dj Deep” came out (featuring tracks by Masters at Work, Kerri Chandler, Dino and Terry, etc.), followed up by a worldwide tour…

2002 DJ Deep is back on Radio FG 98.2 every Thursday from 11 PM to 1 AM (, still busy touring around the world!

2003 will see the release of his third mix CD, again on Distance (featuring tracks by Kerri Chandler, Needs, Osunlade, Kenny Bobien…) as well as the launch of his own web page:

2004 Jerome Barbe and Dj Deep launches a serie of revolutionary new portable rotary dj mixers the DJR400 serie (please visit : )

2005 Dj Deep launches his two labels :

– Deeply Rooted House Records , a label that aims to release true to its roots Underground House sounds , featuring releases by Franck Roger , MAnoo , and the legendary Kerri Chandler , with it’s now classic underground House anthem “Back to the Raw”.

– House Music Records : a label that focuses on re-issuing classic house jems or hard to find House records , featuring releases by LB BAD , Burrell , Charles Mac Dougald etc…
In March 2005 “city to city” a retrospective journey through Chicago Detroit and New York Underground House sounds will be a double cd joint release between House Music Records and famous British compilation label : BBE records.

2006: a new serie on HMR/DRH “Back to the future” House music legends such as Mike Dearborn, K Alexi, Terry Hunter, Mike Dunn, re-issue some of their classics on HMR and produce brand new tracks in the same musical vein on DRH, Amsterdam’s graphic designer hero Delta design the covers of this project:
Back to the Future :
– Mr K-Alexi features brand new tracks “soultec”, “do u” and “what DRH011
– Mike Dearborn HMR004 re-issue of the classic “1991″, “new dimension” and “sexual Xperience” features unreleased and extended original versions never available before
– Terry Hunter HMR005 “Madness ep” Chicago House music legend’s first release finally re-issued!!!
Mr K-Alexi HMR 006 re-issue of the timeless classics: “essence of a dream”, “club MCM” and “it’s me”

2007: Dj deep keeps djing around the world, and after discussing a lot with his mentor and close friend Kerri Chandler comes the idea of doing an album on Deeply Rooted House, Kerri Chandler loved how people reacted on “Space Invaders, The panic”, and has the idea of doing a complete album inspired by his love of computer games, so soon after “Computer Games” album was released as a double cd.

2008: Manoo one of the original artists on Deeply Rooted House returns to the label with a great 12″, and a serie of remixes of tracks from Kerri Chandler’s “Computer Games” by artists such as Ben Klock or Argy, as well as unreleased materials from Kerri Chandler himself give a great energy to the label. Dj Deep’s sets now evolve between Deep House and Electronic music.
2009 : After the great Kerri Chandler  « Computer Games »  Expansion packs series remixed by great talents such as Ben Klock and Argy, Dj Deep focusses his attention on brand new artists with the project « Future Roots ».

It is a serie of release on Deeply Rooted House that intends to allow young producers to release their very first or almost first piece of music on the label.

Two releases are already out on the label by  French Fabrizio Ortella.

Fabrizio is from Lyon in France, his good friend and mentor Manoo first passed to Dj Deep some of his demos and Deep was very impressed by the vibe of those deep underground tracks . A third Fabrizio release is expected soon on the label, it will be Fabrizio’s first vinyl release and will feature the very unique and epic “Afrocalypse” track!

Next artist under the Future Roots banner will be Francois X, a well known figure of the parisian underground House scene and a big fan of the new Techno scene and specially of Berghain’s sound ! Very soon to follow on Future Roots will be Ross Alexander a youg British artist living in Berlin, he is Argy’s protégé and has been working in the past with Jerome Sydenham, his sound is straight Underground and Techno!