Duce Martinez

duce_martinezThere are but a few individuals who have had success in various musical genres. They are not categorized nor pigeonholed but applauded and respected. Duce Martinez is among them. This DJ, producer, remixer and performer has traveled throughout the music and entertainment industries leaving a body of impressive works and accomplishments. Born in NYC’s Spanish Harlem, Duce, as a child, migrated to Newark, NJ with his family. It was there that the sounds of R&B, Disco, Funk and Jazz began to hold court along side his native homegrown Latin music. Artists such as Tito Puente, Hector LaVoe, and El Gran Combo shared space with Curtis Mayfield, Isaac Hayes, and Earth, Wind & Fire. Duce’s father and uncle were Latin Bandleaders and each had their own band. So when he began to play the piano, bass guitar and percussions, it was no surprised that he found himself playing for both bands! His entry into rap/hip hop began as a break dancer in the world renowned Dynamic Breakers. If spinning on his head wasn’t enough; he also choreographed the music for the group’s performances. Riding the wave of this new phenomenon, Duce, as a Dynamic Breaker appeared in numerous films such as “The Last Dragon”, “Beat Street”, “Fast Forward”, “That’s Dancin’”, and the documentary, “Style Wars”. His television appearances include NBC’s, “The New Show” and ABC’s, “Cathy & Regis Show”. He was also a principal dancer in several music videos, Whodini’s, “The Freaks Come Out At Night”, Afrika Bambaataa’s, “Renegade Of Funk” and an Elton John video. Duce was also a part of the Fresh Fest Tour for 3 years, performing alongside such rap heavyweights as Run DMC, The FatBoys, Whodini, Grandmaster Flash, The Furious Five, Kurtis Blow, U.T.F.O., LL Cool J, and Jermaine Dupree. While in the midst of his hip hop career, Duce found time to build his reputation in the dance music scene. Taking cues from the A-list DJ’s of the day, Hippie Torales, Tee Scott, Larry Levan, Tony Humphries, and David Morales, Duce developed a butter smooth mixing style repleat with intricate overlays and undetectable transitions. Being the visionary, he quickly transformed this skill into an income producing business hosting and promoting dance music parties in his neighborhood. It was at this time he met future business partner, Jose Burgos. Jose, also a talented DJ, was spinning at a rival event in the neighborhood. Impressed with what he heard, Duce invited him to a “battle of the DJ’s” contest…against him….of course! A surprised Duce took his losing as an opening line to join forces with Jose. This newly formed DJ/music production outfit dubbed Soul Creation, wasted no time and by the early 1990’s, the demo of “A Little Hyper Now” found its way into the hands of Music Village Records A&R honcho, Eddie “Satin” Maduro. Released as a 12 inch single, “A Little Hyper Now” by studio moniker T. S. U. made some noise with DJ’s and dance floor enthusists planting Duce and Jose firmly in the driver’s seat of the latest “hot-to-death” producers. By the mid to late 1990’s, Duce and Jose as Soul Creation and Duce (keeping one foot cemented in the hip hop/R&B scene) emassed a resume that resembles a who’s who list of outstanding recording artists: T La Rock, Fearless Four, The Treachrous Three, Just Ice, King Sun, Lauren Hill, Ted Mills (Blue Magic), Raw Stilo, India, Kenny Bobien, Su Su Bobien, Stephanie Cooke, Colonel Abrams, the late Sabrynaah Pope, Michelle Weeks, Dawn Tallman, Cassio Ware, Theo Gerideau, to name a few. Continuing forward as among the most sought after producers and remixers, Duce’s latest projects include working with the talented singer/actress Miki Howard, countless remixes featuring re-worked tunes by Arnold Jarvis and producing the Latina diva, Misu featured on Deepa Records. If that’s not enough, Duce in keeps ties with his Latin roots producing Spanish hip/hop and Reggaeton (urban salsa with reggae beats). Through it all, he still finds time to DJ, keeping his skills sharpened and fine tuned as he entertains nightclub audiences stateside and abroad with his unique style of DJing. His no-nonsense approach to the music business has earned him respect among his peers, and in return, he humbles gracefully. Duce, a hard working and dedicated DJ, producer, remixer has but one goal…to be the best at what he loves most…MUSIC. ..