Joaquin Claussell

claussellJoe Claussell has a passion and he wants to share it with you. A modern-day renaissance man, this New York-based re-mixer, retailer, producer, and global DJ is also a prolific business man; one who approaches all his projects with sincerity and intensity. Qualities he infuses into everything he touches. In his latest role as owner of Spiritual Life Music, he intends to guide the world to a new way of looking at and listening to world music. Born into a large musical family, and raised in Park Slope, Brooklyn, Joe quickly learned the positive and uplifting affect music had on his life. Having been surrounded on all sides by a diverse combination of music from rock, soul, pop, African, and Latin, Joe started to contribute his own musical inspiration at his Friday night jam sessions at the illustrious vinyl shop Dance Tracks. After later becoming part owner, Joe continued to travel the world in search of the spirituality in music as well as continuing to play international venues. Dance Tracks soon became world renowned for stocking the deepest and most spiritual music available. Recognizing the lack of soulful dance music in the market, Joe created Spiritual Life Music in early 1998. Utilizing the artist’s strength, taping into their soul and “making music around it” has been Joe’s philosophy and apparent key to success. Instant remix classics followed with Ten City’s “Nothing Changes,” and Cesoria Evora’s “Sangue De Beirona.”  Seamlessly blending African and Brazilian rhythms, jazz rifts, rock guitar as well as plenty of diverse live instrumentation, Joe continually produces innovative fusions of danceable world music.

In 1996, joining NY DJ’s Francois K and Danny Krivit, Joe became a part of the most influential underground party of the late 90’s, Body & Soul. Contributing to the kinetic energy that sets Vinyl on fire every Sunday, Joe stands out from most DJ’s for his innate ability to broadcast his passion from the first to the last person on the dance floor. His regular guests spots around the world help internationally transfer this energy and message. In the future, Joe aims to make Spiritual Life Music one of the most influential and prolific labels in the industry. Music created for, by and about the soul is a long forgotten pastime of current record conglomerates. Explore this spiritual experimentation, in which the historical, physical, and spiritual elements guide us to a new level of awareness. Listen to the music; you may be surprised at how familiar this sound is, the sound of life.



Joequin Claussell – Bahian Trance Bira Reiss, SRM 001

Ten City – All Loved Out ( The Love Serenade Mix ), Spiritaul Life Music

Joe Claussell – Je Ka Jo, Ibadan

Instant.House – Awade(Joe´s Jungle Sounds Dub), Jungle Sounds Records