Jocelyn Brown

Jocelyn BrownThe first major signing to Digisoul, Jocelyn Brown is a singer and performer of the highest standard, bringing a balance of experience and pure musical soul that bodes well for the future. With the arrival of her first ever solo album, Jocelyn Brown has demonstrated clearly that she is not only rare, but has a groove that is all her own. Born in North Carolina, Jocelyn was raised in Kinston with her Grandmother before moving to New York. Jocelyn came from a family where her Grandmother, Mother, two aunts and a cousin all sang, but it was her aunt Barbara Roy, who sang with female vocal group EPP that inspired her to sing seriously. Appearing initially as a soloist in Church with various Brooklyn gospel choirs, Jocelyn made the crossover into Disco music early, going on to perform with bands including Kleer, Inner Life and the Salsoul Orchestra. Jocelyn’s recording career defines itself, having worked with many of the best Soul, Raregroove and Disco producers, artists and musicians of our time, a list that includes Quincy Jones, Luther Vandross, George Benson, Roberta Flack, Janis Joplin, Michael Jackson, Gilles Peterson and John Lennon amongst many others. Her unaccredited vocal hook for Snap’s “I Got The Power” is just one of countless examples of Jocelyn’s voice being sampled across the genres, each time reinforcing her indelible impact on contemporary music.

After decades of shared ownership, the unmistakeable voice of Jocelyn Brown has grown legendary and this album is a worthy testament to her gift. The album has the diversity to showcase her outstanding song writing ability, while still retaining a powerful simplicity that leaves room to convey the soul behind the song. Her mesmerising tone and delivery, combined with her trademark lyrical honesty provides the listener with a sensitive insight into the real Jocelyn Brown, up close and personal. This album is pure J. B. doing what she does best and everything is as it should be. As she says on ‘Not Yet’, everything has it’s time, and Jocelyn Brown’s time is now.