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John Morales – the M&M Mixes vol. 3, BBE

This compilation is John Morales’ third for BBE. Few can match his contributions to the world of Dance Music be it soul, funk, disco, to today’s house music. John Morales is considered one of the true legends of the mix. And his work some thirty years later continues to be cutting edge and inspiring. His epic mix of Universal Robot Bands boogie anthem “Barely Breakin Even” is the source from which BBE Records got its name.

This third release on BBE continues that history lesson that John has forged in dance music. He
formed The M&M Mix with his late partner Sergio Munzibai, in 1982 till 1990 whose output of over 650 mixes will be unmatched today.

John Morales – the m&m mixes vol 2, BBE

This compilation is his second for BBE. Few can match John Morales contribution to the world of the enthusiast turned remixer come producer. John Morales is considered one of true legends of the mix. And his work some thirty years later continues to be cutting edge and inspiring. Although familiar with John’s work – his epic mix of Universal Robot Bands boogie anthem is the source from which BBE Records got its name – No attempt had been made to summarise the pinnacle of John’s work.

John Morales

John Morales was born in the Bronx, New York. He is recognized worldwide as one of the early pioneers of Dance Mixing/Producing/Remixing, beginning his career in 1975 as a local DJ in the Bronx. John has been involved in the creation of hit records for the better part of 30 years. Known in the industry as an innovator and chance taker, he has always welcomed the challenge of working with new artists and has never been afraid to try new and different ideas. The road to the top of the profession has been a long and steady climb for John. He honed his talents in an unlikely arena – as a disc jockey for the United States Air Force. “It was two hours a night,” he recalls. “Your main job was to take their minds away from reality ….” After that grueling hitch, he returned to New York and a day job, mixing music at night in his homemade studio, pursuing his lifelong dream. John landed a gig at the Stardust Ballroom in the Bronx, spinning for “tops, $40-$50 a night, but you considered yourself lucky. Guys do it for nothing.” In order to get some relief from his relentless work schedule (seven nights a week, 12-3pm., 7-1Opm., then 10pm-3am.), John began to mix his sounds on tape. He transferred some of his remixes to vinyl to be played by other DJs.

John has worked on over 450 mix/remix and production projects for such renowned artists as Aretha Franklin, The Rolling Stones, Al Jarreau, Billy Ocean, Vanity, The Commodores, Hall & Oates ,The Temptations, Marvin Gaye and countless others. His last production projects in the 90s included such acts as Debbie Gibson, Brenda K Starr, Denese Lopez, The Nylons, The Thompson Twins, The Blow Monkeys, Five Star, Art Of Noize, and many others.

Today, after over 10 years in hiatus, Morales is prepared to take a foothold and return to the industry that he loves so much. Inspired by and rekindled with the passion to be creative and expressive, he is once again creating the rhythms and sounds that made the whole world dance. Let the world be forewarned.

John Morales has just completed The Following Projects

Marvin Gaye – In Our Lifetime Deluxe released 5/25/07
Ashford & Simpson – Hits Remixed  Release 1/8/08
Three Tenors Of Soul – Caravan Of Love – Completed
Chaka Khan – Will U Love Me —–  Completed
Marvin Gaye – Hear My Dear – Deluxe Set  11/27/07
John is currently lookng for new and excitng singers to use on new upcoming material.. as well as preparing a series or CDs based on the history of M&M Mix Productions.


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