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Jules DeelderDeelder was born in Rotterdam on November 24, 1944, in the district Overschie. After high school he studied for several years the Dutch instrument. At eleven he wrote his first poem entitled ‘Listen, it throws an atomic bomb “and in 1962 he made his debut in the Algemeen Handelsblad in the poem” Street “. He was discovered by Simon Vinkenoog (by Deelder invariably described as “one Simon V. to A.) who invited him as a participant in a poetry event in the Amsterdam Theater Carré in 1966. Three years later his debut collection Satoria Gloria (1969). Several bundles followed, and Deelder was also writing short stories. In the nineties, he frequently with Herman Brood and fellow poet Bart Chabot. Besides poet and writer is a performer Deelder (calls itself aucteur “, an author who read, seen and heard to be , (jazz) drummer, and hardened fan of the football club Sparta. When in 1988 the Netherlands during the European Championships of Germany won Deelder wrote poetry: Those who fell / rose exultant power their graves. He uses many short sentences, interspersed with English words and words from the popwereld. Deelder always wears a penozepak, has smooth combed hair, a style glasses and a small goatee. The Esquire magazine awarded him “Best Clothed Dutchman”. He is among the performance or polish popdichters . Recurring themes in his work as Rotterdam, drugs, jazz, World War II and the Third Reich. Much of his work is absurd, to the name of his jazz combo, jazz trio that’s called my ass plus two and five of his plays. The combo consisted of Jules Deelder (drums), Chris Koenen (guitar), Aad van Arrows (bass) and tenor saxophonists and Boris Vanderlek Ger ‘Sax’ by Voorden.

An encounter with Jimi Hendrix on November 10, 1967 has left a deep impression on Deelder. In Deelder several books written about this meeting, according to Deelder the conversation “if we knew each other for years on”. There is a reconstruction of this meeting entitled “Mind & Fancy”, although Deelder claims a note given to him by Hendrix to have (this is the interview with Piet Piryns from 1984 also called: “Let your mind roll on and fancy” insists), he could not find that in the year 2004. After the shooting claimed that the note Section managers girlfriend has been found. During a broadcast on December 29, 2008 of the TV program Top 2000 à Go-Go has Deelder this now famous anecdote illustrated it again, and this time was certainly able to note the much debated camera show. Jules Deelder is also known from several advertising campaigns, including for the “mild drink” Legner, airline Basiqair detergent brand and Ruby (which he even a pristine white suit attracts). Deelder also was with Johnny van Doorn seen in a promotional film for the (now disappeared from the market) pretzel “Yogya”. Deelder was already in the 60 years active in the advertising world and was considered a talent in Rotterdam advertising circles. His motto: “What appears to nowhere, really”. Deelder said in an interview on advertising: “[advertising] also a cultural expression and as I have a BV for dissemination of contemporary culture, I also do on advertising.” . The BV Deelder promotes under the statutes’ sale of contemporary cultural expressions in the broadest sense of the word “. In 1995 it went, through tax and a failed art project, not so well with the BV Deelder, leading to a rift with his manager, René Vallentgoed.

Besides the advertising campaign, bringing his course work and are regularly published theater shows (he always closes the end of its theatrical performances with a book signing) money in the till. In 1996 he presented his own television show on Veronica and since February 1, 2007 Deelder has his own radio show at Arrow Jazz FM, Radio Formatted, where he records his own collection runs. He does not say much in the program, because “music is about much gezeken, since we do not participate, we prefer to rotate images.”  According to Deelder all his performances are not commercial, so he turned not every Saturday afternoon from five to six panels on Radio Rijnmond jazz and joined in on prisons. In 1988 Anna received the Deelder Blaman for his entire oeuvre. In 2005 he was awarded the prize for the Tollens’ major stylistic force of his spirit and his pioneering oeuvre for a modern theatrical stage presentation of poetry, “said the jury.

Deelder lives with A.M.C. (Annemarie) Fok. The couple has a daughter born in 1985, named Ari. His daughter takes an important place in his life, he also has a poem written for her (for Ari).

He has a jazz-released trilogy (or running Deelder (2002), run by Deelder (2003), and keeps turning Deelder (2004) who praised entailed. On these three CDs he sought out the best jazz songs from his own record collection together . He used the old, original versions instead of the digitized ‘perfectionistischere’ versions. Deelder in 2005 received the Edison Award for his CD Deelder keeps running.

Deelder Citrofiel is a hardened, preferably by moves Citroën CX, although in a promotional film for Basiqair stepped from a Citroën DS. In his book “Hollow Laughter” (1997) describes Deelder some traffic accidents and near-death experiences. Ironically, he drove in the summer of 1997 in a Citroen CX Voorne-Putten at a total loss “to the eastern front brandweermof racing”, a German fire truck that happened back from an exercise in Europoort.

The city of Rotterdam has him in 2004 of the Wolfert Borsele Medal awarded.



Jules Deelder – Jazz Is, Roach Records

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5. Herbie Hancock – Mimosa, Blue Note
6. Miles Davis – Black Comedy, Columbia
7. Sammy Price – Shorty Needs A Mademoiselle, Jazz Anthology
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