Kenny Carpenter

Kenny Carpenter is considered by his peers in the music industry to be one of the forefathers of dance music. He has continued to play an integral role in the development of dance music since emerging on the club scene during the 70’s. This legendary DJ began his career as a lighting technician working with some of the top DJ’s such as the legendary Walter Gibbons and Rene Hewitt at some of New York’s City’s hottest underground clubs including The Galaxy 21, The Inferno, His big break came in the early 80’s, when he was hired to spin at Studio 54, New York City’s illustrious nightclub and playground for the rich and famous. Ken Carpenter’s unique style of blending tracks and vocals at this celebrated nightclub led to his subsequent resident DJ gig at Bond’s International Casino in the heart of Times Square. He became an overnight sensation by majestically conducting the party at this colossal dance space. His popularity at Bond’s led to his first trip aboard to Israel to spin at the opening of the famed nightclub, The Coliseum. Since then, this superlative DJ has been blessed with the good fortune to travel across the globe spinning records in nightclubs in various countries including, Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Canada, Austria, and Hong Kong. In the 90’s, the Ministry of Sound, London’s premier club and record label hired Ken to do month long tours of Scotland, Ireland, and England. Ken has played many times in Japan spinning in Tokyo, Osaka, and Sapporo, as well as, seasonal tours of Greece, Spain, and Italy spinning in the most fashionable venues in Athens, Mykonos Milan, Ibiza, Naples, France and Rome. Ken has gained international recognition as one of the worlds finest radio DJ’s. For four years he rocked the airwaves with his weekly mix shows on one of New York’s hottest radio stations WBLS 107.5 FM. In addition, whenever he is touring the United Kingdom, his dance mix parties are showcased on Kiss FM, London’s most popular radio station. Ken is well respected by the music industry for the contributions he has made as a remixer and producer. He is accredited with remixing and producing dance tracks for various independent labels and artists, including his remix of “dance for life” by Kenny Bobien and his production of “ Seasons of Time“ available on MAW records, the club anthem “Set It Off” on Jus Borne Records and his new track that he co-produced in Italy called “free me from my freedom” by Wendy Lewis-Slagg Recs. In 1999, Kenny was interviewed and appeared in the documentary “The Rise and Fall of Studio 54,” which was filmed for the BBC in England and was released throughout Europe. In addition, Kenny completed a CD compilation “Kenny Carpenter Presents Studio 54 the classics” is available on Logic Records (UK). Ken has been featured in the November 2006 issues of Acid Jazz Magazine and Trend Magazine Europe. Kenny’s mixing prowess and dedication to his craft has enabled him to transcend time and adapt to the constant transformations within the music industry. Ken Carpenter’s spiritual interpretation of rhythm and his unceasing passion for music is the driving force behind his longevity within the music industry.