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Levon Vincent

Levon VincentLevon Vincent is a DJ and producer from NYC. He is part of the tri-state’s Underground Quality crew Headed by label owner Jus Ed. He runs the Novel Sound label and also makes records for Deconstruct Music, a second label which he manages alongside longtime friend Anthony Parasole (of House n Home).
”I spent my teenage years in the pre-Guiliani dance-friendly 90’s on 8th street at Patricia Field’s store, ticketing clothing in the basement during days, then spending my nights DJing and learning to make house music. In that era I DJ’d at clubs like Limelite, Shelter, Save the Robots, and Nation. The latter half of the 90s was pretty weak in NY, and I dropped out to focus on learning more about music. In 2002, I started working for Halcyon Records in Brooklyn where we hosted parties with DJs like Frankie Knuckles, Danny Krivit, Nicky Siano, Mark Kamins, Jus-Ed and many more inspirational figures. During this time I ran my first record label, “MoremusicNY” and I made my first deep house record, nomoreheros, (released in 2002). Jaymz Nylon heard it in the store and gave me some very important feedback, and helped me understand a newer approach to doing arrangments “on the fly”, which I then explored for the next several years. This technique proved to be a huge piece of the puzzle for me. In 2007 I began preparation for my label, Novel Sound, under the guidance of friend and mentor Jus Ed.”



Levon Vincent – the Medium is the Message, Novel Sound

Episode03 House

1. Henrik Schwarz/Ame/Dixon – Berlin-Karlsruhe Express, Innervisions
2. Smallpeople – Before Leaving to Paris, Laid
3. the Shake up Connection – Eastside Shuffle, Amplified Orchestra
4. I:Cube – Falling, Versatile
5. Levon Vincent – the Medium is the Message, Novel Sound
6. Omar S – Here with Me, FXHE
7. Marcello Napoletano – TOM, Uzuri Recordings
8. E.S.O.M. – Air, Emphasis Recordings
9. Ront Trent & Chez D – Never, Promo
10. Francois K  & Moritz von Oswald –  Berlin meets New York, Deutche Grammophon
11. Jerome Sydenham – Congo, Apothek
12. Stacey Pullen – Powershot, Blackflag Records

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