Marlon D

Marlon DMarlon D. originally from New York City, brought up in a home of Latin decent and Latin influences .He grew up listening to the sounds of Fania All Starz, and Gran Combo. This is where his passion for music in general was cultivated.
Marlon D’s first encounter with house music was in 1989 when he first stepped into a club /party called “Bassline.” He had the pleasure of listening to the sounds of Junior Vasquez. After what he thought was the most extraordinary feeling, his passion and love for music grew stronger throughout the years from listening to icons and legends such as John Robinson, Timmy regisford, and Tony Humphries on the radio to dancing and grooving to Little Louie Vega, David Morales, and Danny Tenaglia in the clubs. During this time Marlon D took full advantage for the best and went on to work deeply into the “Music Industry.” He did everything from promoting events, to DJ ing, and finally producing music. Today he is the proud owner of “UNDERGROUND COLLECTIVE” and “UNDERGROUND COLLECTIVE RECORDINGS.” One of the best parties in New York City as well as Independent record label targeting a deep, soulful, sexy, classy, party atmosphere type of sound. Marlon D is also currently working very closely with John” Jellybean” Benitez and Jellybean recordings putting out some known hits such as MAXINE INISS ” I APPRECIATE” JAQUE – “LOVE WILL SAVE THE DAY ” MARLON D. “THE UC ANTHEM And two albums on the way both on Underground Collective recordings and Jellybean recordings .

Marlon D’s talent is being monitored very closely and appreciated by the masses as one of the hottest up and coming producer/Dj ‘s in our time . Watch him very closely as it is most certain he will not disappoint you!