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Episode05 House

1. Ten City – All Loved Out ( The Love Serenade Mix ), Spiritual Life Music
2. Earh Wind & Fire – Fantasy (Blaze Shelter Mix),  Soul Source
3. Ron Trent & Chez Damier – Morning Factory, Peacefrog
4. Dj Aakmael – EP 2, Manuscript
5. Atjazz – Toutch the Sun, Mantis Recordings
6. Vick Lavender  ft. R.J. Green – After Party for Two, Sophisticado Recordings
7. Theo Parrish – Heal Yourself and Move, Peacefrog
8. Simply Red – Thrill Me (Masters at Work remix), BBE
9. Pepe Bradock & Michelle Weeks – Movin On (Set me Free mix) KIF
10. Joey Negro & the Sunburst Band – Man of War (Idjut Boys mix), Zedd Records
11. Joe Claussell – Je Ka Jo, Ibadan
12. Danny Krivit and Kyle Smith – It Makes the Diffrence, Nervous

Pépé Bradock

Parisian DJ, producer and remixer, Julien Auger began his musical career by learning guitar at the age of 14 and playing with various Parisian Jazz Funk bands. It was around this time that he began DJing with a few different Hip Hop bands and also started to produce his first tracks for them.
As raves became larger and more popular in the early 90s, Pepe discovered Techno and House music. His first two records were released on BPM Records under the ‘Trankilou’ moniker with Ark and Doobass, before he changed his name to Pepe Bradock. His musical influences range from Jazz to Dub Reggae which culmulates in his hypnotic production style.
Pépé Bradock has done remixes for New Jersey’s Blaze, Cassius, Alex Gopher amongst many others. His biggest hits to date include ‘Burning’ and ‘Life’ both for the French label Kif. Apart from that Pepe has produced for well-known House labels including Classic (UK), Silver (France) and Nuphonic (UK).
As a DJ, Pépé Bradock has spun in almost every major club in the world and is known for his versatile, and mesmerising mixing style.



Pépé Bradock – 4, Atavisme

Pepe Bradock & Michelle Weeks – Movin On (Set me Free mix) KIF

Episode04 House

1. Small World Disco – Where is the compassion, Promo only
2. Theo Parrish – Melloghettomental, Sound Signature
3. Iron Curtis – Grobreuth 1, Mule Musiq
4. Nick Solé – Never, Dpress
5. Moodymann – Unknown, MPT Recordings 04
6. Christopher Rau – Soulful, Laid
7. Tyrone Francis – Heavy, Trippin Records
8. Jephté Guillaume – Jou Sa, Qalomota
9. Kenlou – Thru the Skies, Maw Records
10. Charles Webster – Forget the Past, Peacefrog
11. Lhas – New Line, Push II Shove
12. Pépé Bradock – 4, Atavisme

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