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Slam ModeFar reaching low disturbances charge finite particles through futuristic ensemble of symphonic voices that eject and soar beyond rhythmic deep pulsed out percussion. Formation identifies itself as the biochemistry discharge left surrounded in a timeless stillness…a stillness that is Slam Mode The soundscape therapists explore deeper in the abyss of fusion and expressionism…The silent monolith like label, Desvio is once again providing the chemical ingredients appropriate for spawning such imaginative range and spectrum. Slam Mode has set out to create new paths with their own unique production and mixing style, with the intent of elevating themselves and their listeners to unlimited levels of consciousness. Our approach is one of collective and collaborative efforts.” It is the way we live and produce muzica. Our belief is to communicate and translate all types of music to the listener, buyer and dancer. Slam Mode a.k.a. Angel Rodriguez and Michael Cole have been spinning and collecting muzica since as early as 1979. They have an extensive collection of music which stem from genres such as Salsa, Afro Beat, Latin Jazz, Reggae, Minimal and Deep Tech, Drum n’ Bass, New Age, Electronica, Ambient soundscapes and countless of film scores…just to name a few. Slam Mode has played at the following venues: Yellow ( Tokyo ) Shanti ( Moscow ) Plastic People ( London )Raza@Cielo ( NYC ) Propaganda (Moscow) Kerma (Helsinki) Lion (NYC) Garage 416 (Toronto) Aqua ( Philadelphia ) Life (Boston) Crescent Room (Atlanta) Koncrete Jungle (The Anchorage Brooklyn NY) Lush (NYC) Bang The Party (NYC) Hamsa (NYC) Lush ( NYC ) OHM (NYC) Still trying to understand Slam Mode’s sensitivity and molecular makeup? Please listen to the following album titles: Uhuru , Signals, La Colecion.



Slam Mode – Dream Free, Spiritual Life Music

Episode02 House

1. Midnight Express – Chase(soundtrack)
2. Xine Zero – 4th Journey, Wandering
3. Praveen & Benoit – Death as a Man, Worst Friends
4. Shellack 2 – Mi Amor, Unknown
5. Tokyo Blackstar – Deep Sea, Innervisions
6. Slam Mode – Dream Free, Spiritual Life Music
7. Jump Cutz vol. 5 – Deep Introspection, Luxury Service
8. Sole Fusion – Underground Netwerk, Stricktly Rhythm
9. Kenny Bobien – Rise Above the Storm, MAW Records
10. Sade – Couldnt Love You More(Timmy Regisford rmx), RA
11. Undercover Agency – Nude Directions EP, Naked Music
12. Andy Caldwell – I Can´t Waite, OM Records

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