Joe Claussell Presents – Music A Reason To Celebrate, Spiritual Life Music

Many in the world take music as a source of amusement, a pastime; to many music is an art, and a musician an entertainer. Yet no one has lived in this world, has thought and felt, who has not considered music as the most sacred art of all arts. For that fact is that, what the art of painting cannot clearly suggest, poetry explains in words, but that, which even a poet finds difficult to express in poetry, is expressed in music. By this I do not only say that music is superior to painting and poetry: in fact music excels religion, for music raises the soul of man even higher than the so-called external form of religion. But it must not be understood that music can take the place of religion, for every soul is not necessarily tuned to that pitch where music can really benefit from music, nor is every music so high that it will exalt a person who hears it more than religion will do. However, for those who follow the path of inner cult, music is most essential for their spiritual development. The reason is that the soul who is seeking for truth is in search of the formless god.”
Hazrat Inayat Khan.

“As our beautiful earth rotates to the beat produced by rhythm, energy is constantly evolving. It is from this energy that the universe was created. Then came woman and man.
I truly believe in the healing powers that transcends from sound through music, and that with it we can conquer the evil that is among us. But, music cannot do this alone, it is together with love that we can truly achieve our goals for love, peace, and harmony. So in the end it is up to us. Let’s love one another…for real.” Joaquin ‘Joe’ Clussell. Spiritual Life & Sacred Rhythm Music.