Trish van Eynde

Trish van EyndeOne of the few if not one of the only female dj’s who actually uses 3 turntables for mixing. This skill, her energetic play, mixing tunes to create new ones, cutting, using her own edits, but als the love for Detroit and futuristic inspired music she kept true to and so creating her own sound, she will not leave you untouched…
and yet good is not good enough…. Always exploring for new ways, always looking for new challenges, new inspiration, looking for the never ending future, techniques and sounds, her restless journey keeps on going….

Born in a family with a musical history and a singer as a mom, growing up with a sister and brother who practically raised her with soul and funk music and playing the piano by 9, it’s no surprise that by the age of 11 she already knew that she had a tremendous affinity for synthetic sounds and was already dreaming of her first synth. Electronic music it would be and she never lost the microbe….

After buying records for some time, playing them was only a natural evolution and so her dj-carreer had begun. Her rise began when a friend of hers (Jan Van Den Bergh, one of the people behind Buzz) introduced her to Peter Decuypere (at that time still running Fuse club before venturing out to start I Love Techno). Peter liked what he heard and swiftly made her resident at the Fuse club.

It wouldn’t take long before she started to work for Buzz Records, known as on of the first “Detroit orientated labels” in Belgium, as working as a label assistant for Indisc as well. A year later, she decided to broaden her horizon and started to work as A & R manager for R&S Records while at the same time she started with her own label Generations. With 23 releases with names like Steve Rachmad aka Parallel 9, John Tejada, Percy X, Yuji Takenouchi, … she knew exactly what direction she was going. Soon a second residency at the acclaimed Food club, was added to her activities. She became widely regarded as the Belgian Leading lady of Techno.

In 1999 she was asked to create a track for the mixed compilation by Fuse resident Pierre as a bonus track.Together with Raf Bongoma, she produced her first track and so Re-Creation came into excistence. The second record was released in 2002 in a package with a music video and a compilation which made an unexpected huge impact and was followed with a remix for Pragha Khan later that year. A year later she met Sam Ostyn and being on such a high mutual musical frequency there was no coincidence and teaming was a logic movement as given by nature, they have been working together ever since. In 2004 she met Kobbe, a true maestro to her as he teached her a lot and a couple of releases would sprout out of this friendship. Afer having released 2 Chrome Resident EP’s, a remix for Jivaro, a remix for Laurent Garnier, releases on Technasia’s MiniMaxima label, Laurent Garnier & Eric Morand ‘s FU..! FCom and MB Elektronics, means she is taking her productions to a new level.So, 2006 became the year of her new solo project and 2007 the launching of her new label Electric Art Recordings!

Since 2007, starting Electric Art Recordings, hosting the monthly ‘Electric Room’ parties at legendary Fuse Club, uniting a futuristic vision and intergalactic grooves, her mission is all about electrifying grooves into a universal mindframe right on the dancefloor .

Loving futuristic viewpoints and sounds, hi tech soul metalic grooves, bleeps and strings, melodic techno, minimal, house, electro or techno, Detroit flavoured became her trademark… in short music with a picture and a story, a style that you can hear in her sets and productions.