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Westpark UnitWestpark Unit (aka Herb LF & Ingo Sänger) are recognised as one of the few leading
deep house artists from Germany in the meantime, though they never forget to hide their love for dub & hip hop. The last Westpark Unit releases/mixes on Farside, Stir 15 or
Infracom found their way into record boxes from DJs/Producers like Rainer Trüby,
Osunlade, Âme, Motorcitysoul, Yannick – Needs, Alton Miller, etc.. With the newest release on Farside Records, Westpark Unit won´t disappoint any DJ playing house, deep house or tech-Detroit style. “Jeepah” is the logical consequence
when you are listening to their lates releases. A bassheavy beat in tradition of classical
funk with magical hypnotic synths that creep from behind and send shouts to Detroit.
Some people used to call this Jeep Music. Since a few DJs get hold of the tune in
advance, “Jeepah” caused some euphoric moments on the floor. Already charted by
DJs like Marcus Worgull & Jimpster. “Audio Brand” uses some tricky and precise soundbits, never loses its 4-to-the-floor
flow, but still is funky enough to get plays by DJs that are more into broken beats or
funk. Friends of Karizma or Detroit Tech should keep an eye on “Audio Brand” as well. “Blaxrotation Suite Mix” is a lazy tune, gasps for air and could be decribed as dub or/and house. When things get no deeper, a dirty HiHat drops in, while getting catched
up by a fat congaloop. So impulsively that you won´t recognise that the beat is 116 bpm
slow, which is of course a very sexy tempo…. Not just useful in a latenight set.



Westpark Unit – More Forever, Farside

Episode04 Soul

1. Mugwump – Stenza, Eskimo
2. Mark E – Unknown, Merc 001
3. Westpark Unit – More Forever, Farside
4. Instruments of Rapture – Just a Memory, IOR002 PROMO
5. Dicky Trisco – Come to Me, Disco Deviance
6. Cro Magnon – Galactic Mellow, Jazzy Sport
7. Andrés – Learn to Love, Mahogani Music
8. Linda Clifford – Runaway Love, Warner Bros
9. Amy Holland – Turn out the light, MCA Records
10. Conrad Jackson – Come back with Me, Sonic Wax
11. Scarface – Push it to the Limit, MCA Records
12. Ron Trent – Intoxicate, Future Vision

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