Tokyo Blackstar

Tokyo Blackstar“Black Ships” is the long-awaited debut album from the production warriors known as Tokyo Black Star. Led by New York and Tokyo-based international DJ Alex from Tokyo and Tokyo-based producer and engineer Isao Kumano, Tokyo Black Star are truly 21st century galactic artists. As their ship has advanced through the galaxy, meeting fellow travelers along the way, Tokyo Black Star have absorbed and translated influences from around the solar system and beyond. Their encounter with Dixon led to the “Psyche Dance EP” , the inaugural release for Dixon’s label Innervisions, their encounter with NYC based Japanese painter Tomokazu Matsuyama produced the beautiful artwork from this album, and with the sublime contributions from the poet Rich Medina and his subsonic voice, the album you have in your hands right now is the full declaration of the Tokyo Black Star state of mind. At once a nonfiction travel diary, and at the same time a supreme fiction of traveling through the world of imagination, Black Ships comes just in time to transport you beyond our fragile planet. You won’t need your own vessel to take this journey, just press play and you are on your way. We’ll see you on the the other side! Bon voyage (Yoi Tabi O, in japanese). Kenji Hasegawa (gallery, Tokyo) December 2008



Tokyo Blackstar – Deep Sea, Innervisions

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